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Alex Gerchik:
A Wall Street Legend

The trader with over 23 years of experience under his belt, and the safest day trader according to 2006 Mojo Wall Street Warriors.

How It All Started

1993. New York. USA.

The 22-year-old from Odesa, Ukraine, came to visit his father but did not return to his post-perestroika hometown, deciding to find out whether America was indeed the land of unlimited opportunities.

Armed with a food tech college diploma and basic knowledge of English, Alex got a job as a cab driver, met a lot of people, and took a particular interest in stock market traders.

Their lingo brimming with words such as futures, options, and spreads sounded Greek to him, yet this only sparked his desire to become a trader.

The only possible way to make it to Wall Street was by acquiring a stock broker license. The license is issued upon completion of a four-month course and successfully-passed exams, which rank third in terms of complexity after the med and law school licensing exams. The stock exchange trader examination contains 250 questions and lasts 7 hours.

In 1997, Gerchik took stock exchange courses. Being one of the brightest graduates, he acquired a job as an assistant trader at a small company where he worked for 8 months. It was a solid experience for a novice broker and the first step towards great success.

A Professional Trader

Alex started trading independently at a brokerage company known as World Co that focused on day trading which is a particular type of exchange trading approach. It was at this point that he started his Trader’s Diary aka trading log where he records all of the details of his financial transactions and analyzes them afterwards to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Through the systematic record-keeping and unbiased assessment of his brokerage activities, Alex came up with his own stock trading system. Traders who used it were able to make winning trades and kept their losses to a minimum.

His success story would have been less fascinating, had luck always accompanied Gerchik. There was a time when Alex had lost all of his investments in the course of three week which taught him the learn-not-to-lose-before-you-learn-to-win lesson. This became a golden rule of trading for all of his students.

Alex Gerchik: A Wall Street Brand
of Loss-Free Trading

Alex Gerchik specializes in day trading, whereby the trades are made within one day. This requires a trader to have solid analytical skills, endurance, and ability to deal with large volumes of information. Alex Gerchik possesses all of these traits.

In 1999, Alex Gerhik’s biography took another life-changing turn. He was known as the trader with no losing months on his record, and was recognized as the most reliable and safest day trader. This acknowledgement allowed him to star in the Wall Street Warriors documentary and reality TV series.

Between 2003 and 2010, Alex Gerchik worked as a managing partner for Hold Brothers LLC, which is one of the top 3 largest brokerage companies in the United States. In 2006, owing to his expertise and contribution, Hold Brothers became a member of the New York Stock Exchange.

In 2015, he became a president at brokerage company Gerchik & Co. A detailed description of the company’s activities is available on the official website.


20 years of financial experience formed the backbone of his original stock exchange trading system. Gerchik holds workshops where he shares his biggest secret—how to make money without losing it. The course is arranged in such a way as to be helpful and clear to both newbies and pros. Those who take it begin to understand the inner workings of the trading, and earn profits.

Alex Gerchik is the author and co-author of acclaimed books such as «The Exchange Grail or the Adventures of Pinocchio the Trader», «Stock Exchange for Blondes» and «Active Trader’s Course. Buy, Sell, Make Money».

What’s more, Alex Gerchik created Reboot of Your Trading, a hands-on trading course. Over 20 thousand students have already put his method into practice, having boosted their trading profits several-fold.

He has given hundreds of interviews and insightful analytical reports, in which he shares aspects of his personality, not only of a professional trader but of a person with a sense of humor and acute mind.

The secret to Alex Gerchik’s trading phenomenon remains unchanged: he trades in financial markets, perfects his own broker skills, and shares his knowledge with others.

Successful Trader’s Secrets are video classes that you can check out on the YouTube channel. That’s where you can also find Gerchik’s analytical overviews made for Gerchik & Co customers.