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Alex Gerchik –
a Wall Street Legend

Alex Gerchik’s biography exemplifies the success story of an immigrant who has conquered Wall Street and earned international recognition in the financial market industry as a trader with no losing months in his 20 years of trading.

How It All Started

1993. New York. USA.

The 22 year old from Odessa, Ukraine, came to visit his father but did not return to his post-perestroika hometown, choosing instead to find out for himself whether America was a country of unlimited opportunities. With a food engineering college diploma in his pocket and minimum knowledge of the English language, Alex acquired a job as a taxi driver, made the acquaintance of many people, and takes particular interest in stock market traders. Their terminology, brimming with words such as futures, options, and spreads, sounds Greek to his ear but only acts to stoke his interest in becoming a trader.

The only available way into Wall Street was by acquiring a stock broker license. The license is issued after taking a four-month course and successfully passing exams, which rate third by complexity after the medical and law exams. The stock exchange trader examination contains 250 questions which you are given 7 hours to complete.

In 1997, Gerchik took stock exchange courses and after that in 1998 final exams which he completed with one of the highest grade percentages in the industry. After completing the exams, he had acquired a job as an assistant trader for a small company. It was a good experience for a novice broker and the first step on the way to great success.

Alex Gerchik’s Biography:
a Professional Trader

Alex began making his first independent trades at a brokerage company known as World Co, with a specialization in day trading (a specific form of exchange trading). It was at this point where he started his "Trader Diary" in which he records all of the details of his financial operations and analyzes them afterwards to identify strengths and weaknesses. Through the systematic records and objective assessment of his brokerage work, Alex created his own stock trading system. The stock trading sysem was designed to make profitable trades and minimize losses.

His success story would not have been so interesting, had luck always accompanied Gerchik. In a period of 3 weeks, Alex had lost almost all of his investments of $400, which taught him the "learn-not-to-lose-before-you-learn-to-win" lesson, which has turned into a “golden rule” of trading for all of his students.

Gerchik: a Wall Street Brand
of Loss-Free Trading

Alex Gerchik specializes in day trading, in which trades are only made within one day and require a trader to possess the analytical skills, endurance, and ability to work with large amounts of information. All of said features are inherent in Gerchik.

In 1999, the biography of Alex Gerchik began. He was known as the trader with no losing months on his record. He was acknowledged for being the most reliable and safest day trader. This acknowledgement allowed him to star in the Wall Street Warriors show.

Between 2003 and 2010, Alex Gerchik worked as a managing partner for Hold Brothers LLC, which was one of America's largest/best brokerage companies. In 2006, Hold Brothers became a member of the New York Stock Exchange.

In 2015, under his command and cooperation with leading traders, the company Gerchik & Co was created. A detailed description of the company’s areas of specialization is available on the official website.


20 years of financial experience became the foundation of the author's exchange trading system. Every three months, Gerchik holds seminars where he shares his major secret: how to make money without losing it. The course is structured in a specific way, which allows for the training guidelines to be available to all. The people who take this course begin to understand the exchange game, and earn profits.

Alex Gerchik is the author and co-author of acclaimed books such as «The Exchange Grail or the Adventures of Pinocchio the Trader,» «Stock Exchange for Blondes,» and «The Hunt for Gerchik in the Trading Jungle.»

He has given hundreds of interesting interviews and analytical reports, in which he shares aspects of his personality, not only of a professional trader but of a person with a sense of humor and keen intellect. The secret to the trading penomenon of Alex Gerchik remains unchanged: he trades in financial markets, perfects his own broker skills, and shares his knowledge with others.